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Why Onsite?


ONSITE COMPRESSED AIR has been associated with KAESER Compressors for more than 10 years installing KAESER Compressors with our PSA Nitrogen Generators across New Zealand and Australia through our sister company.

Recently Onsite Compressed Air Limited became a KAESER Partner to service the sunny Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, East Cape and central North Island.

KAESER Compressors are recognised as a marquee brand all over the world providing some of the most energy efficient air compressor equipment developed through vast experience in design, sales and servicing of compressors, blowers and air treatment equipment.

Along with dedicated qualified staff, education and expertise gained in areas such as power savings, air demand analysis, monitoring and leak detection for gas, moisture and air to meet customers’ demands.

Onsite Compressed Air also has extensive experience in compressed air, and through its sister companies can extend experience in controlled atmosphere cool storage, industrial gases, cryogenics, on-site generation of nitrogen through PSA, Membrane and Cryogenic technologies, on-site generation of oxygen through PSA, VPSA, VSA and Cryogenic technologies, gases pipeline design, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas mixers, and gas manifolds