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Tegel Foods Standby Generators

20 February 2018

JCB’s generator dealer in New Zealand, Pace, Power & Air, has completed a double deal for Tegel Foods, including a JCB G440QX believed to be one of the Southern-most JCB generators in the world so far. Two units, the G440QX and a smaller JCB G200QS, were supplied as part of a deal to provide new facilities for two poultry farms managed by Tegel Foods in the districts of Dunsandel and Darfield in New Zealand’s South Island. The two farms are part of a wider network that produces a wide range of chicken products for domestic and international markets. Priding themselves on meeting and exceeding New Zealand food welfare standards, the new facilities are designed for cage free chicken rearing and feature high quality cooling fans to regulate the temperature inside the chicken sheds. In the case of a power failure the generators, which have been bought to supply emergency back- up power, will automatically kick-in to run the fans as well as lighting, water pumps, grain feed systems and general electrical requirements. Mitchell Day is the Division Manager from Pace, Power & Air. The company became a dealer for JCB generators in September 2015 after studying the product range of various generator manufacturers. The decision to partner with JCB Power Products was made because of the combination of excellent customer and product support, brand reputation and a comprehensive product range that met the requirements of the local market. “We’re very impressed with the JCB Power Products range and we have supplied them into a range of sectors. In the smaller unit at the Darfield Poultry farm, the JCB G200QS is now installed and ready for action in case of a temporary power shortage. It features the renowned JCB Dieselmax engine which is purpose built for off-highway vehicles and working globally in hundreds of thousands of JCB machines and generators worldwide. The larger G440QX sited at Dunsandel features a formidable Scania engine – which also has a reputation for durability and efficiency. The power outputs of 200kVA and 437kVA respectively are sufficient to provide stand-by power as and when required.” Pace, Power & Air has been working with poultry farms throughout its 25 year history and the company maintains and supports a number of poultry farm generators in New Zealand. The company is a trusted partner for Power Generation services throughout New Zealand.

Tegel Foods Standby Generators