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New Technical Solutions Manager

12 March 2018

Onsite Compressed Air would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest employee Richard Amos who recently joined us as our Technical Solutions Manager.

Onsite Compressed Air’s sister company AZOTE Limited has been providing Industrial Gas Solutions to wineries, industrial blanketing/purging, food packaging (MAP), scientific, combustion, other gases (compressed air, oxygen, hydrogen) and equipment (gas mixers, back-up gas panels, compressed air filtration) since 2016.

AZOTE felt that there was a further potential market outside of this and Onsite Compressed Air Limited was created at the end of 2017 and Richard Amos was employed in March 2018 to focus on this additional market and service our existing customer’s requirements.

Richard arrived in New Zealand in 2003 with his wife and 2 children from the UK, becoming NZ citizens in 2008.

Richard has spent the past 13 years working as a senior compressed air and pneumatics’ technician for Ash Air and has previous experience in the Marine and Automotive industries.

Not only is he a qualified compressor and pneumatics technician but he is also a registered EST electrician and “A” Grade mechanic.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, Paramotoring, Paragliding, Kitesurfing and motorbikes.

Richard is a highly motivated, component and friendly service technician who has many years of experience in the compressed air industry. He is always looking to find the most cost efficient solution for each individual customer.

Please join me in welcoming Richard onboard, and allowing him some time when he next visits your business.

New Technical Solutions Manager