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Blower Compact

Kaeser provide an extensive versatile ‘packaged’ range of industrial quality blowers, engineered, industrialised with advanced German technology.

Solutions to all your low pressure, high flow transfer requirements. Renowned for its user-friendly, turnkey systems, clear display instrumentation, omega control, sigma control 2 or the sigma air manager technology per model design ensures efficient blower control and/or monitoring all-in-one system.

Kaesers Compact blower delivers more air with less power cost, making it the perfect choice for large water treatment plants, industrial product transfer and power generation stations.

Available in the world renowned Omega or Sigma profile ‘airend’, Kaeser blowers are used in a wide range of applications, such as oil-free conveying of gases and bulk materials, water (aeration and filter cleaning). Liquid homogenisation and forced air for combustion equipment.

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Blower Compact