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7 February 2019

Onsite Compressed Air's sister company Azote Industrial Gas Solutions was succesful in winning the contract to firstly decommision Asure Qualities old compressed air supply and supply, install a new larger replacement KAESER SK22, KAESER Refrigerated Dryer, Inline filtration completed by a new NOXERIOR NS-14 PSA Nitrogen Generator. 

Asure Quality plays a vital role in making sure the food produced is safe for millions of people worldwide.

This makes Asure Quality the trusted partner for food companies serious about their brand and their reputation. 

Given Asure Quality reputation worldwide to uphold they can’t afford to purchase inferior equipment and plant for their sites. This is why AZOTE Industrial Gas Solutions was chosen to provide them with a robust, reliable and efficient onsite nitrogen generation solution for their West Auckland site.

Previously using bottled nitrogen supplied by a local company, after years of company growth which lead to increased nitrogen requirement onsite, this also meant increased work onsite for Asure Qualities team handling bottles, ordering and occasionally running out due to their delivery arriving late.

By installing their onsite Nitrogen Generation system meant no more handling large heavy bottles of nitrogen which is a H&S issue and or running out. 

AZOTE Industrial Gas Solutions were able to provide an independent solution which fitted Asure Qualities scope and budget.

AZOTE work closely with NOXERIOR from Italy who manufacture high quality robust industrial nitrogen and oxygen generators at competitive prices.

In conjunction with AZOTE's sister company Onsite Compressed Air we were able to provide a complete compressed air and onsite gas generation solution for Asure Quality by in including a KAESER compressed air package.

AZOTE recenlty completed installation and commissioing of a new NOXERIOR NS-14 PSA Nitrogen generator complete with KAESER SK22 compressor, refrigerated air dryer and inline filtration providing Asure Quality a complete solution.

Asure Quality have now reduced their operating costs considerably by eliminating bottle hireage, delivery charges and labour required to keep the large amount of cylinders onsite filled and connected to the various areas.

If you currently use bulk or cylinders of nitrogen or oxygen and would like to do a comparison on annual costs involved versus producing your own nitrogen or oxygen onsite then don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your sites requirements further and receive an obligation free quotation.